Saturday, January 30, 2010


This blog is named after my squirrel.
I call him Zippy.
The girls say he isn't really mine and he isn't my pet, but I beg to differ!
Zippy has been around for years. He lives in a pine tree kitty corner from our yard which he gets to via an intricate monorail system of telephone/power lines.
Zippy sightings are like a ray of sunshine.
I can be having a rather average day and suddenly I will look up and see Zippy running along his wire and it puts a smile on my face and a spring in my step.
This winter Zippy has been busy.
I always though that squirrels hibernated in the winter.
Maybe I shouldn't get all of my data from cartoons like "Over the Hedge"?
I have seen my squirrel practically everday for the last month. One day I caught some awesome photos of him running on his monorail with an acorn in his mouth.
Yesterday Zippy needed my help.
A rather sinister looking group of blue jay's were congregating in the backyard. When Zippy is irritated you can hear his high pitched chirps. I saw him winding his way through the branches of the tree in our backyard, chirping his little lungs out as a bluejay sat on the wire above him.
The wire he uses to get back to his home.
Well soon another bluejay came and then another and Zippy took off down into the bushes.
He never comes down that far in the yard.
His chirping became more and more frantic.
Suddenly the bluejays began to dive into the bush!
Grabbing a broom I ran to his rescue.
Barefooted I slipped on a pair of my husbands sandals that were on the backporch and made my way across the dirty crusted snow.
"Get away from my squirrel." I shouted as the bluejays became more agressive.
Slamming the broom into the swingset I hoped the loud pings would scare the bluejays away but it did not.
Zippy's chirping stopped.
I swung at the branches of the bush, worrying that maybe Zippy would think I was after him and not the gang of bluejay's.
"Leave my squirrel alone!"
The bluejays began to fly off one by one until the yard was silent.
I stood still listening for Zippy.....but there was nothing.
Carefully I trudged back through the snow to the house, hoping I had given my squirrel enough time to get back to his home.
Only time will tell.
There has been no Zippy sighting today.
Keep your fingers crossed.