Sunday, January 31, 2010


My husband kept calling me crabby today.
"Why are you so crabby?"
"Geez crabby."
"Wow you are crabby."
Was I crabby?
At first I didn't feel so crabby but then I started to believe what he was saying.
I had a long night filled with terrible dreams.
The kind of dreams that you spend the whole next day trying to shake off.
I wish that someone would have woken me up early this morning so that I wouldn't have these dreams stuck in my head.
I had heartburn before I went to bed.
Maybe I have been eating too much Cafe Rio lately?
Tonight I watched Beyonce perform on the Grammy's.
I wonder if Beyonce is ever crabby?
I am betting not.
That woman has more energy and talent and beauty and did I mention energy.
I wish I had that energy.
Maybe if I had that energy I wouldn't be so crabby!
It all comes full circle doesn't it :)