Sunday, June 12, 2011

Chicks and Bunnies and Allergies Oh My!

Before we get into the summer stuff let's do a quick check on the chicks...
I had this great plan to stuff them all in my shirt and make a run for it. But then I came to my senses and realized that Tausha might realize it was me when they all just happened to disappear after our visit!
Carina has been nice enough to indulge my daughter with her rabbit obsession taking us over to the neighbors whenever Grace wants to see them....

It was windy on this particular day so she held "Twinkie" close and comforted her. Right now we are teetering on the fence about whether or not to get her this rabbit.
She has her name on a hold list for her and is absolutely smitten with her soft grey fur.
The only problem is that my daughter appears to be HORRIBLY ALLERGIC to rabbits!
By the time we get in the car to leave her eyes have nearly swollen shut, there are welts on her chest where the rabbit has been touching her, she sneezes out of control and is pretty much miserable.
It's super sad.
The last visit I gave her an allergy pill before we went to visit and it was a much better visit with no sneezing and welts. But will she have to take an allergy pill every day before visiting the furry little creature?
We have about 34 days to figure this out!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Let's get crabs!

Let the summer vacation begin!
Today was the last day of school for the kiddos and it was bittersweet. They are sad to be leaving their friends and teachers. My youngest daughter began crying at dinner last night when she told me about her teacher packing up the classroom while they watched a movie.
She loves her teacher.
I love her teacher.
She was like a wonderful fairy sent down to watch over my girl this school year.
My oldest daughter also was going to miss her friends. And her teacher, not the sub that had to fill in for the last two months because her amazing teacher had to leave with some serious medical issues, but her real teacher.
I bought a little plant for her to take her sub today to say thanks.
"She doesn't deserve it." Was her reply. "I will take it to my real teacher."
And so that is what we will do!

After school the girls brought some friends home to play play play and then after the friends left my youngest daughter said,
"Let's get crabs!"
Huh? Isn't that usually something you hear being yelled out on a street corner where hookers congregate?
"You know, crabs. The crab place. Crabs!"
And I did know.
Red Lobster.

For some reason those girlies have a thing for Red Lobster.
So we decided to make it a special night and go to Red Lobster for an end of school year feast!
I know, I know. You can stop shaking your isn't that bad!
It is hard to believe that next year I will have a second grader and a fourth grader.

And don't forget a preschooler.
And I guess Po is planning to go with him to preschool since I will only get that from him if I pry it from his cold lifeless grip!
He carries the entire set of these Kung Fu Panda toys around in his arms. It takes him a very long time to get from point A to point B with so many toys.
And everyday he reminds us that we have not yet gotten him the bird.
"Ma, no bird?"
Today we stopped by McDonalds to see if that blasted bird (crane) has come out yet. Nope, not yet.
Maybe Friday.
We pulled away from the window with a little boy screaming..."NO BIRD!" as big fat tears streamed down his face.
Smile son, it's summer!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

All that and a bunny

Currently Carina and I are in the middle of critiques for her Art of Digital Design class that she is teaching at Jessica Sprague.
It is an AMAZING class that she and Jessica have put out that teaches you all of the secrets *shhhhh, don't say it too loud* of digital design!
One of the assignments in the class is for the students to create kits with papers and elements that they then send in for Carina to critique.
How may you ask do I fit in to all of this?
Oh, you didn't ask?
Well, I'll tell you anyway! I am Carina's Executive Assistant at Carina Gardner Inc. So for this particular project I get to prepare all of these creative kits for critique by her. She then gives them great feedback on how things could be improved or let's them know they are on the right track with their design career after which I scan and upload them back to the students.
It's like being a teachers aide at a really awesome college!
As the pile of critiques begins to dwindle down we decided it was a great day for some down time so Carina called me and told me that one of her neighbors chickens was currently having chicks hatching in their coop and another neighbors rabbit had a wonderful litter of bunnies and if I wanted to witness nature in all of it's glory I better get over there toot sweet. (She didn't say toot sweet but my mom has always said it and I felt this was an appropriate place to throw it out there!)

The chicken mom was not too happy to see all of these little faces and big faces peering over the the side of the coop at her as she worked with delicate pecks to help her little peeping chicks out of their eggs...


It was truly amazing to watch this feathered mother knowing exactly what to do.
"I see the head!" My oldest daughter shouted.
"It's bloody!" The other kids were shouting.
Birthing babies is bloody business I tell ya!
So we decided to let the mother have a break and headed next to the House-O-Rabbits.

I know...right?
My daughter just stood there like that with the bunny pressed to her cheek.
She fell in love.
She has already come up with ten different names for the bunny.
One of those names should be Perfection!


My son wasn't so sure what to think of this wee small thing. He wanted to pet it but then he didn't want to pet it but then he wanted to pet it.
I wanted to tuck all eight bunnies down my shirt and in my pockets and just casually vacate the premises.
Back to the chickens....





My husband thought I was full of garbage when I told him that chickens were the new puppy in the pet department around the suburbs.
I could have shot pics of them all afternoon.
But then we had to stop to play for awhile.
Carina was offering to push my girls on the swing with an "underdog".
That is when you push them while going completely under the swing so as to get a higher push for them and then there is the element of danger wondering if the person in the swing might fly backwards and knock you down if you don't get out of the way in time!
My girls looked at her like she was on crack.
Why would they possibly want to go that high on the swing?
Her girls thought it was better than candy!

It was a perfect break in the day!
Now back to critiques which will be finished up sometime tonight or tomorrow!