Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I love KITCHSY DIGITALS. Her creations and the world and colors she immerses herself in are amazing.
She created the frame I used above on my flower photo. The fact that it has old writing and the name Gladys scrawled on it makes it all the more delightful and unique.

This morning I started the morning off still nursing my annoying head cold and drooling over the new Stella McCartney line at Gap Kids. It is so spectacular I just wanted to cry! The colors are amazing and the retro details are breathtaking. Her lines don't strike my fancy for boys but the girls items are delicious enough to eat.
If only I had endless supplies of money to blow on such wonderful things. Just this romper alone is enough to send me over the edge. It goes up to a large size and I tell you I would purchase it and force my daughters to wear it if I thought it would work!
It has that fantastic feel of the 1900's. I picture the girls wearing this with a beautiful parasol strolling down the beach watching their brother gather seashells.

This afternoon I took the two youngest outside for some fresh air. We watched a wonderful storm blow in bringing cold winds and dreamy haze.
My head hurts, it has hurt all day.
Hopefully the cold will depart soon and take my two little one's colds along with it!

Oh and don't forget to hit my fave DESIGN HOUSE DIGITALS. They extended their Mad Monday sale through today so you can get your one kit free and your other three kits for one dollar!

Sunday, March 14, 2010


Tonight we turned on the t.v. while we ate dinner.
Normally I don't allow t.v. on while we eat dinner but tonight it was the only way to get some peace and quiet and enjoy our meal because my son was a whiny mess.
He would eat his fishsticks.
He would eat his carrots.
He would eat his bread.
But he wanted to do it with t.v.
And I wanted a peaceful meal.
So he won.
We watched The Goodnight Show on Sprout. And pretty soon Brian and I were discussing the fact that fireflies are nocturnal.
Nina was explaining to Star that Lucy the firefly got to stay up late because she was nocturnal.
"I didn't know that fireflies were nocturnal?" I replied, suddenly very interested in the Goodnight Show.
"Oh yeah, they are totally nocturnal."
And for the next ten minutes we talked about fireflies.
It was a great discussion and I learned something new.
I guess that Goodnight show at dinner isn't so bad afterall.
Maybe tomorrow they will talk about why Nina wears those same pajamas every single night?
Those pajamas bug the crap out of me so I would definitely tune in for that!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Hello Saturday

The girls went to see a musical version of James and the Giant Peach today with their grandparents. They gave it two enthusiastic thumbs up!
My son is wildly obsessed with Toy Story. He carries his three Buzz Lightyear toys with him all over the house, along with his Woody and Jessie and now his brand new Zurg. It takes him multiple trips to get them where he needs them to go. "Duzz, Duzz!" is his new battle cry.
It's official, one of my new secret pleasures is watching the Barbie boys compete in karate lessons. I usually play the part of the Barbie who has come to the dojo looking to take classes. Troy and Ryan (from Highschool Musical) then engage in some crazy karate moves.
"How come you guys aren't wearing clothes?" My Barbie always says as I try to stifle a giggle.
"Just pretend we are." States my exasperated youngest daughter as she twists and turns them through the air with a lot of grunting.
It's awesome!

Have you been watching Glee?
If you love clever then you need to watch this show!!!
I caught onto it midway through the season so today I had to go to Blockbuster and get Season 1. I am on episode 4 and it ROCKS!
Whoever writes that show gets my seal of approval because they are my new hero.

On a side note I was watching Season One Project Runway episodes that I tivo'd yesterday and I can't get the name Wendy Pepper out of my head.
She was one odd duck.

And look, I know this is not going to be a popular thing to say but today I stated out loud that I was very disappointed in you winter.
You really didn't do your job very well.
There was basically no snow and too much cold.
If it is going to be cold at least give us a winter wonderland.
Tonight I stood outside while the dog looked for a place to do his business and I listened to the silence.
There was a little snow on the ground from today but not much.
And all I can say is too little too late.
It's Spring so it's time for you to move on and I guess maybe we'll see you next year!

(All the wonderful frames are from Design House Digital's amazing Spencer Nugent. Sketchy Elements.)

Friday, March 12, 2010

Design House Digitals Promotion

Have you been over to DESIGN HOUSE DIGITAL lately?
You’ve heard about the Post 20 layouts and get $20 promotion this month, right? Too easy? Need more of a challenge? Go above and beyond by submitting 30 qualified layouts, and you will qualify for both the $20 credit AND this very adorable, very exclusive kit.

“You and Me”, a bright and cheery collaborative kit by Carina Gardner, Jen Allyson, Deena Rutter, Audrey Neal, & Sara Schmutz, contains 10 patterned papers, 10 textured solid papers, and 11 coordinating elements.

This kit is ONLY available to participants of the DHD challenge, taking place between March 4th & April 9th, 2010. Need more info? Check out our gallery promotion blog post.

Happy Scrapping!

I just used the kit and I LOVE it!
This is what I came up with.....
I would love to see what you come up with!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Around the way

I've been around but I haven't been around.
We've been sick and then well and then sick again....and now well.
The stack of laundry to be folded grew taller than me.
My cousin John came to visit with sweet little Max.
The kids were in HEAVEN.
We saw them, then Max got sick then I got sick then John and Brian got sick and we didn't get to see them anymore and they flew back to the land of recycling.
(if you move back I'll give your son a sucker every single day!)

I did something really stupid to my hair that I have regretted every hour on the hour since doing it....

Everytime I walk past a mirror I scream out in horror!
I have taken a photo every single day which I am quite proud of.
(Apparently it is quite tiring talking on the phone?)

I've been feeling down and downer and then sort of up and middle-ish.
And now the phone is ringing and I'm off to start the day!