Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!


(Design House Digital and the amazing Smitten Mega Kit By Jen Allyson).

Thursday, February 4, 2010


We've been stuck inside of the house all week.
The two little one's have been sick.
There has been no school.
But there has been LOTS of whining.
And LOTS of tissues used.
And the constant hum of steamers going on in the background of our day.
Finally I had to leave the house one afternoon to stop by the post office and send off a little package to my beloved Megan.
It was hard to be irritated with the two sickies when they sat behind me looking like this....
He often wants to hold her hand when we are driving along and she always obliges him.
I call him her little gingerbread boy because she is slowly turning him into a mini version of herself.
So imagine his surprise today when she returned to school finally and he was left behind!
When we picked her up he gave a shout of happiness.
I needed some fresh air and groceries.
So we headed to Costco where the two of them reacquainted themselves over the most massive spread of samples I have ever seen.
Seriously if you can get to Costco in the next two days YOU MUST!!!
Little One lives for her Costco samples.
There was a sample table about every three feet.
The Superbowl is coming and Costco is ready to load you up with food.
At one point I looked at my son double fisting a pesto and chicken sandwhich on mini bread pitas and a pulled pork BBQ sandwhich on a bun....and my daughter with a cup full of chips and a cup full of chocolate covered raisins her face smeared with honey BBQ sauce from her honey BBQ wing and I sighed and said "I am so exhausted from all of the yummy samples!
Then Little One called out....
And off we cruised to pick up some Boboli pizza triangles and I realized that staying inside for the last three days was totally worth it because on the fourth day God gave us an awesome trip to Costco and we all felt better.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Work in Progress.....

I'm currently messing around with the background on the blog so don't be alarmed if it looks horribly wrong!