Thursday, March 11, 2010

Around the way

I've been around but I haven't been around.
We've been sick and then well and then sick again....and now well.
The stack of laundry to be folded grew taller than me.
My cousin John came to visit with sweet little Max.
The kids were in HEAVEN.
We saw them, then Max got sick then I got sick then John and Brian got sick and we didn't get to see them anymore and they flew back to the land of recycling.
(if you move back I'll give your son a sucker every single day!)

I did something really stupid to my hair that I have regretted every hour on the hour since doing it....

Everytime I walk past a mirror I scream out in horror!
I have taken a photo every single day which I am quite proud of.
(Apparently it is quite tiring talking on the phone?)

I've been feeling down and downer and then sort of up and middle-ish.
And now the phone is ringing and I'm off to start the day!