Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Dude Tub


Overheard while walking past the bathroom where the girls were having a bath together.

(pretend boy voice)G: "Hey what are you doing, this isn't a dude tub!"

(pretend boy voice)Little One: "Just move over I want to get in."

Then I walked in to find the guys together looking quite handsome and nonchalant in the "Dude Tub".
This wasn't even going to be my picture of the day but since it has been cracking me up all day I thought that it better be "Day Seven."

And of course I had to add another Design House Digital layout. This is my New Years Eve layout. I used Carina Gardner's 365 Seven Photo Masks Simple and Jen Allyson's Design 365 January Kit paper and Design 365 Journal Papers and January Stamps.

The site has a great area called CLASSROOM with some tips and hints on learning the basics of scrapbooking as well as some fun things like creating circular text which I had no idea how to do until I went to see this tutorial!