Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Siskel & Susan

After posting the title of this post I wondered if that totally dates me? I mean, does anybody remember Siskel and Ebert the movie critics?
When I was in highschool I wrote a paper of them. I am sure that won't surprise some of you. The paper had to be well researched, no less than ten pages typed with footnotes citing your sources.
There were papers on botchulism, George Washington, and The Depression. And then there was my paper on Siskel and Ebert Movie Critics Extrordinaire.
I got an A+.
I wonder how much of that grade was for originality!
I mean c'mon, that had to be a breath of fresh air for the teacher when she flipped open the cover and saw my title.

So that brings us to the present post.
I have always loved movies and movie stars. If I hadn't seen it I knew who was in it, what it was about. I could tell you who wanted to be in it, who was seeing who on the set and what the director was trying to show you with their sweeping panoramic shots.
In college one of my favorite classes was a class on modern cinema.
We watched Citizen Cane and it blew my mind.
And then I had kids.
With each child I became less and less sure of what was playing at the local cinema. People would say the title of the movie and I would just sit there blinking, trying to get my memory bank to pull up some info but there was nothing.
So it seems as of late that the children must be getting a little older because suddenly we are watching movies again and loving it!
Most of them have been rentals but one I got to see in the theater and it was one I had been wanting to see really bad!
Pookey Stacy and I went for her birthday after a yummy dinner at Stella. And OH MY GOSH was that movie funny!!!
It had many points in its' favor....Meryl Streep. Alec Baldwin. The darling Steve Martin and this guy.....
Who I ADORE on oh so many levels.
He was AWESOME in the movie.
The writing was great, the acting was great, it was soooooooooo funny.
Now, if you are divorced or recently divorced and might still have some deep dark hidden love for your ex-spouse it might not be so keep that in mind!
Some other movies we've seen recently have been:

Inglorious Basterds.
If you like Quentin Tarantino you will like this movie.
If you don't like Quentin Tarantino than stay away....far away.
The acting was stellar, the violence not as gratuitous as it usually is in a Quentin film.
And the story was sad yet sadly true.

Away We Go.
It also has my beloved John Krasinski in it (see photo above). The acting was wonderful, the story was slow moving and sad but also beautiful and funny. Ooooh here is a good word....touching. It was touching.
Brian calls it a "Susan Movie." Which means that it is about characters and there is nothing in it that blows up spontaneously.

The Proposal
LOVED IT!!!!! Freaking hilarious. And Ryan Reynolds ROCKED. And it made me remember why I used to like Sandra Bullock movies.

There's Something About Steve
Everything about it was bad. And it made me remember why I started hating Sandra Bullock movies.

The Hangover
So awesome and funny and clever and did I mention funny?
My husband is still laughing about parts from that movie and so am I.

Four Christmases
Just eh.
It wasn't bad it wasn't good it was just eh.
It had a lot going for it....Vince Vaughn, Reese Witherspoon. But it just never went anywhere.
If you don't have anything good to rent and you want a nice light okay movie then it's okay to rent. I say get it at the Redbox for $1 and you won't feel ripped off.

Twilight: New Moon

Loved it! That being said New Moon was my FAVORITE book of the series. Long before Taylor L. got nice and ripped to play Jacob I was a fan of the "dog." And this book was the reason why. While Edward was everybody's ideal Jacob was mine and I took a lot of flak for this!
This book had me rereading New Moon and basking in the happiness I found when I read it the first time.
It is still my favorite book of the series and I thought the movie was great. I definitely want to see it again.

Well folks that's all for now.
I'm sure I forgot one or two but I'm just happy to say I actually had enough to make a list!
Siskel & Susan signing off.