Saturday, October 2, 2010


The other day my youngest daughter arrived home from school ever so excited that a dentist had visited them in class! She pulled out her little bag filled with wonderful tooth-ish loot including a toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, etc. and some little purple tablets to chew which would show them if their teeth were clean, ala Glee! (tell me you saw Glee last week...I am still tossing around quotes from that episode!!)
My Little One babbled on excitedly about everything the dentist had talked about and when she was done bubbling over with excitement my "glass is half empty" nine year old cocked a hip out to the side and announced,
"In my opinion that dentist was just trying to advertise himself to get some new patients."
I turned around, eyes wide, mouth opened and said "Why do you have to be so negative about it! I am sure he was just there to teach the kids about keeping their teeth healthy and you're ruining it for her with that kind of attitude!"

A few hours later as I was cleaning up the Little One's backpack I emptied the bag from the dentist and inside found a flier announcing that he would be accepting new patients to his practice and how important it was for your child to have clean teeth and that he was the man when it came to finding your child a dentist.
So with my tail tucked between my legs I went into the nine year old's room and issued an apology for shooting her theory down so quickly.
She gave me a lovely "I told you so" smile and accepted my apology.
And for the last twenty four hours I have been treated to different renditions of...
"Hey mom, remember when I told you that the dentist was trying to get new patients and you said...."