Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halloween Halloween Trick or Treat

The other night my husband and I were trying to remember all of our Halloween costumes from when we were children.
And sadly I could not remember them all!
These are the one's I do remember in no particular order:
Raggedy Ann
Princess Leia
Flapper Girl
Navy Sailor (used my dad's old Navy uniform)
Roller Disco Girl (It was my best fried Merri's idea. We went as twin roller disco girls and got to wear our roller skates! She was a genius)
When October rolls around I have to say that while I "like" the idea of Halloween the actual stuff that makes up Halloween creeps me out.
I don't like being scared.
No if and's or but's about it.
I HATE super scary costumes. Especially one's that conceal the identidy of the people behind them.
My mom used to ask me why I was bothering going to the Haunted Houses with my friends when I was literally sick to my stomach before going!
This year Miss Thang is going to be a Vampire.
Not your Cullen style vampire but this style....
While I preferred her years as Pop Princesses and Sassy Cats and whatnot I have to say this actually turned out pretty cool!
She wore it for her piano recital where all of the students dressed up (even the teacher dressed up) and played Halloween songs.
Her song was "The Wily Witch".
In other bits of random news that sort of have to do with Halloween and sort of not....
check this out.
Wouldn't you say that Keith Richards could qualify as ghoulish? Which puts him smack dab in the Halloween category!
I bet you didn't know I collect random biography/auto biographies, books on rock musicians, their wives/lovers/friends/roadies etc. from the 60's?
I started reading this book (Life By Keith Richards) on my Nook (you get the first 25-72 sample pages for free). Then today I trucked on down to Costco (cheaper there then anywhere else...sorry local booksellers) to pick it up and finish it. I had to have the hard copy for my collection.
Brian does not like to let me forget that when we met I said that Keith Richards was sexy.
He thought I meant this Keith Richards

But I meant this Keith Richards.....

The younger, pre-decomposed Keith Richards!
I am not sure how much new information I will get out of this book but it seems like it will be a good read!
And now it is time to go do some reading, watch the finale of Project Runway and get some sleep.....from the looks of that picture of me and the bags under my eyes I must need some!