Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Your days cannot go wrong when they are filled with....

People told me that little boys were so lovely and affectionate.
This little boy gives the most amazing hugs to all of us everyday.
And not just one hug.
One hug is for losers.
He believes in dozens upon dozens of hugs throughout the day.
How can your day go wrong when you are being hugged like this.
Sometimes I can be stressed out and I will feel his little arms wrap around my legs.
It makes the stress melt away.
Sometimes I can be in a hurry and he will wrap his little arms around my neck and press his face close to mine making me stop whatever I am doing and relish the moment.
Suddenly I am not in such a hurry anymore.
Sometimes we can all be whirling around him going in different directions to do homework, cook dinner, practice the piano....
And he will stop us.
And he will hug us.
He makes everyday beautiful.

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