Sunday, May 2, 2010

12 Years


For 12 years this little guy was by my side.
We found each other at a very low time in my life.
We vowed to take care of each other and we did.
He was tormentor to many, loving of few.
I look around in all of his usual places and he isn't there.
We have all heard his bark the last few days, so in a way I guess he is still here.
It has been raining hard and the girls say that the rain is a sign that he is up in heaven barking.
He is also most likely gnawing on God's ankle.
That is just the way he was.
I wish that I could have just one more day to hold him but the vet said he was a very sick little boy and it was his time.
I hope he forgives us and knows that it was out of love that we set him free.
12 years.
Thanks for all the great memories Cody.