Saturday, April 3, 2010

An Easter Tale

It is 10:30 pm and I am waiting.
Waiting to make sure my children go to sleep so that I can fill their Easter baskets and hide them for tomorrow mornings basket hunt.
What's that? Oh, you are wondering if the children are awake because they are excited?
Oh, no no.
The children are awake because they are SCARED TO DEATH!
It has become somewhat of a well known fact that the children in my house fear anything of a magical/fanciful/gift giving nature that may or may not come in your house and leave you things.
This list includes:
and of course the ever popular....SANTA CLAUS
Honestly people, I am at a loss.
I do not have any idea how this happened or why they can't just stop thinking about it and let the magic happen FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!
Now, I do have to say that it is a good thing that the children are wary of strange men/animals/winged creatures, intruding in our house.....but GEEZ!
They suck all of the fun out of every holiday for us.
It has gotten to the point where we have to leave Santa a note on the porch, with cookies and clementines for the reindeer, stating that he is to leave the presents on the porch and mom and dad will come out and get the presents and put them under the tree at a later time.
Then we have to make sure that the screen is locked, and the door too.
That still didn't stop Little One from being up until midnight this last Christmas, lying in the bed hysterically crying everytime she heard the slightest creak.
At one point I found myself mumbling like a crazy person under my breath that I would be so freaking happy when they realized that it was all a big story.
And the elves......oh my gosh don't even get me started on the elves.
That is a story that is better left for a whole blog post on its' own because lemme tell you it is classic.
So back to the list....Tooth Fairy is to leave the money in the kitchen by the door. Do not attempt to step one foot more in the house and don't even think about going near the pillow.
The tooth will be waiting for you by the door!
Leave your money and GET OUT.
So now onto the Easter Bunny.
As I am typing this I can hear my oldest daughter out in the family room telling her father that she swears she hears the bunny and she is worried.
HE ISN'T REAL....HE ISN'T REAL I want to scream!
Then I want to run out there with her Easter basket and all of contents and pour them at her feet and say "HERE IS YOUR STUFF.....I AM YOUR BUNNY!" At which point I will bounce around the room like a wild eyed lunatic.
But it won't help.
Because I did something similar to this when I had to screaming hysterical daughters fearful of Santa's Elves. Do you think that calmed them down to know that they did not have to fear the Elves?
That just made my oldest cry even harder that she was only person in her class who didn't have a real elf.
Are kids just smarter nowadays?
I don't remember ever being worried about these things.
I don't remember thinking for one second that these "people" didn't exsist.
They were as real to me as the planets and people in Star Wars were.
The people that invented all of these things is on my list.
And all I can say is that I hope that the girls little brother is a little more inviting to these holiday/childhood things.
Otherwise we're screwed!
Happy Easter everybody!

(And thanks to my lovely Vanessa for the beautiful flowers. They smell amazing and they make me smile)