Monday, April 12, 2010

True Love

My son has a true love.
Normally he goes for the Cougars, the ones who will keep him in slices of bread and fistfuls of french fries.
And then he saw her.
Those cheeks.
Those eyes.
That pacifier.
That studious scowl.
And he fell.....he fell hard.
When you say her name he makes kissing noises.
He brings her toys.
He brings her treats.
He makes hats for her out of her snack bowls.....
If she wants to go outside he will find a way to make it happen....
He will find her a nice little cottage that they can settle down in together....
When she's hungry he will put on her hat and go to the store and get her food.....
He will toss a fistful of sand in her face and she will forgive him.
He will attempt to paint her hair with the crayola sidewalk paint brush and she will forgive him.
He will give her a shove and she will shove him back.
They will forgive each other.
And then they will get on the trampoline and jump.
The girls say that he will marry his true love.
Only time will tell.