Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Just Kickin' It

My son has decided that he loves to kick the crap out of me while I'm changing his diaper. The harder he kicks me the harder he laughs and if he is able to get a good swift kick to my boob or better yet catch me on the chin if I'm leaning in too closely, it makes his whole day!
It is one of those situations where you can't scold him because if you scold him then he thinks he is a champ and it makes him laugh even harder. So tonight I tried to just ignore him. I honestly had no idea he could kick harder than he had previously been kicking....but he can!!
It's times like these that you wish you were the same size as your baby so that you could lay down across from him and just kick him right back. The two of you kicking and kicking in your matching footie pajamas until one of you gets tired, grabs your blanket, rolls over and just goes to sleep.

Day 2 {Project 365}
I love my sons room. It makes me so happy when I walk into it and see the bright red rug, the eclectic striped elephant pillows. I love the cluster of frames with pics of him, a shadow box with a Black Apple dunce print and a small clay gnome we bought for him in San Diego, and the paper airplanes. Ooooh how I love those airplanes. I had my husband make some of his "world famous" paper airplanes out of double sided scrapbook paper. He only knows one style of airplane and he stands by the fact that these planes fly like a dream (they totally don't!). The thought of my son waking up and seeing his daddy's prized airplanes dangling above his head is a wonderful thing.

Day 3 {Project 365}

She claimed she was in some sort of zen like state in the tub. I love the random Troy Bolton doll floating by as she zens out. Zac that's my idea of a zen like state *snicker*