Tuesday, December 29, 2009


I have been a member of the Ebay community since 2001. It has been such a great "friend" over the years, finding me lost treasures of my youth....helping me begin and complete collections.....sell things that I thought I wanted to collect and later realized I am not cut out to be a collector....and on and on.
I've bought movies, clothing, books, cameras, and numerous beauty items.
At one point I was a member of the amazing boutique community where I was inspired to design and sell jewelry. It was a crazy community that was a bit like a sorority where you almost had to "rush" your way to the top selling groups. If you were in those groups you were golden and you were able to work with some of the top designers creating jewels for their awesome creations.
Basically I have always been a big supporter of Ebay.
If someone can't find something I am the first to say "Have you checked Ebay?"
So it is with some irritation that I report that for the first time since 2001 I have been ripped off by two sellers. Not once....but TWICE in the last month!
I am grateful that it wasn't for large amounts of money and that it wasn't for some item that I was counting on for my children for Christmas presents. They were both movies and were under $6. But still I find it hard to beleive that people would rip people off for such a ridiculous amount.
I have always been very good about checking on my sellers.
Too many negatives.....I won't buy. Not a seasoned seller....I won't buy. I check their negatives to see what the negatives are given for. I always check where the seller is located as I don't like to buy from overseas.
But this time I apparently was willing to give the benefit of the doubt. One seller was brand new. I figure we are all brand new on Ebay at some point and people should be given a chance to build up their feedback right?
Well I won't be the one doing that anymore!
This seller had about ten items for sale and now their feedback is all negative from people like myself who never received their items.
The other seller is apparently just a jerk who may or may not mail you your movie.
I will now be very very very wary about my purchases on Ebay. It might have been a small dollar amount this time but next time it could be for something that costs quite a bit more and I am not willing to take that chance anymore!
I'm sticking with ETSY from now on! (at least until someone there rips me off too!!)