Wednesday, August 17, 2011


I am not such a good blogger. I always tell myself I need to be better but then I ask myself why? Why do I need to be a better blogger? Then I realize that I am spending WAY too much time talking to myself and I need to stop!

This summer has FLOWN by. This was one of those summers that I never wanted to end....until about nine days ago. Then it seemed we were all getting on one anothers nerves and there was way too much whining going on and I realized that we are all ready for a new chapter in our book of life to begin which means SCHOOL!
This little fella is supposed to start school in September and I cannot wrap my head around it and feel good. When I think about him going to school it makes me feel literally sick to my stomach.
There are many factors that are contributing to this feeling. The main one being that he is my baby and my last child. So letting him go to preschool means that he is growing up!
He also was in a speech therapy program that did WONDERS for him! They think that his main issue was that his mouth muscles were just not strong enough to form the words, so once he started getting stronger with help from his speech therapist he started talking. It has been the most amazing thing to finally hear him speak, he chooses now to use words over gestures or acting things out and it seems like he talks more and more every week that passes.
Because of this he qualified for a preschool that has speech therapy services. They obviously feel like he has further to go with his speech. If we don't send him to preschool then he won't get the services that they are offering to provide him because he qualifies for the program. We could get him private speech therapy and then I wouldn't have to worry about sending him to preschool, which is always an option.
I go back and forth on what is the best thing for him....and for me!

In the meantime Carina and I have been at full swing with all sorts of projects in the works!
Her Art of Digital Design II class begins on August 22nd. The class is AMAZING!!! I literally just sat there with my mouth wide open as I proof read it.

And yesterday I did the photoshoot for the next phase of goodies that Carina has up her sleeve.

Here are some sneak peeks. You will know more when you get the newsletter so if you aren't signed up go to Carina's BLOG and sign up.
I have a particular fondness for this little person....




While all of the madness was going on someone else just stayed at his Nana's house and rested.