Thursday, September 23, 2010

Look Alive Sunshine

The other day I received an email with the link "WATCH THIS".
Now I wasn't scared of what it might be because in the header I knew it was from the My Chemical Romance website.
Who is My Chemical Romance you might ask?
They are only my favorite favorite favorite band.
The kiddies have their Beibers, the tweens have their JoBros, the oldies but goodies have their Elvis and the Deadheads have their Dead, but I have MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE.
So I click the link and up pops this video (above).
Well, my heart started palpitating and my palms got all sweaty because I knew what this video meant.
They have been on hiatus forevertus and it has been brutal.
I have missed their music, their faces, their amazing look and conceptual videos.
The last album The Black Parade was all blacks and whites and greys. Visually stark but musically powerful.
I don't think I listened to anything but that album for probably four months straight!
Looking at the video above I am so inspired.
Love the colors and the futuristic yet 70's style Mad Max-ness of the whole thing.
From the first beat I was hooked and have been humming the song all week.
It is like the most evil teaser to give such a quick glance and listen to what looks to be an amazing song and video.
Love Gerard's red hair!
Love Frankie with any color hair.
For someone who loves photography I wanted to be on that video set snapping stills from every angle!
Oh My Chemical Romance I can't wait to invite you back into the fold and blare your new CD from my sound system....please release this CD soon!!!